A Small Selection Of Our Twist Carpets

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Twist pile carpets are amongst the most popular of all types of carpet. They come in a huge range of styles, colours and price points. By nature, they are soft... and the deeper the pile, the softer they feel underfoot. Twist piles include our Saxony ranges, which tend to be the deepest, softest piles, but are ideally suited to less high traffic areas. These few examples are from our standard ranges. They are suited to all rooms in the house; bedrooms, lounges, hallways etc. and come in a wide range of soft colours and ‘heathered’ two-tone effects.

From just £4.99m2

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Available in 19 colours
An ideal bedroom carpet and a hugely popular choice. Affordable, hard wearing, soft and available in a wide range of colours. It’s stain resistant and cleanable with a bleach solution and can be fitted with or without underlay.
Available in 19 colours
A popular carpet in a wealth of soft pastel shades from cool greys to warm browns. From the leading maker Cormar, this high quality twist has a ‘heathered’ finish in certain shades and has a 9mm pile, combined with a ‘action’ backing for ease of fitting and durability.
Available in 9 colours
Another great value twist carpet with beautiful greys and soft brown tones. Available with both a felt or action backing, it can be laid anywhere. It’s a do-all carpet; soft, hard wearing and it comes with an appealing ‘heathered’ flecked appearance. Bleach solution cleanable.
Available in 14 colours
A great example of a twist pile carpet that’s low on cost, but big on quality. The ’heathered’ effect combines subtly different coloured fibres to give a flecked appearance. It has a felt backing and can be fitted with or without underlay. It’s also stain resistant and easy to clean.
Available in 15 colours
A top end twist pile carpet. Superb quality and extremely soft and luxurious. The muted hues provide a classic look with a shade to match all decors. It's stain resistant and comes with action backing for ease of fitting.
Available in 15 colours
A twist pile with some great vibrant colours. The 'heathered' finish gives an appealing two-tone effect. It's hard wearing, stain resistant and comes with a hessian backing for added durability.
Available in 20 colours
A simple, modern design with a great choice of on-trend greys to give a contemporary feel. A 7.5mm pile makes this carpet very soft underfoot. It's stain resistant and comes with a hessian backing.