The world leading Mlily mattress range.

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Mlily mattresses are crafted from Cool Gel Memory foam. They are the leading memory foam mattress manufacturer in China and are global leaders in product design and innovation. With continued investment Milly is at the cutting edge of modern technology and currently boast the world’s most advanced air suspension system for moulded pillows with over 600,000 being produced monthly.

Mlily mattresses and pillows can be combined with our divan and frame bed bases to help you create your perfect bed with a wide range of products that are adaptable to every body type.

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Mlily lead the world in innovative mattress design. Using a combination of advanced memory foam, air flow cooling gel and pocket spring technologies Mlily have created a range of mattresses that truly benefit health and lifestyle.

Mlily surpass the highest standards of performance and deliver exceptional comfort, durabilty and outstanding quality, all backed with a 5 year guarantee.

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Redefining sleep with cutting edge Technology

A typical Mlily mattress employs many different layers to provide exceptional comfort, coolness and support.

  1. Mlily Quilted Gel-Memory Foam. The patented Mlily Memory Foam is specially quilted and infused with the Cooling Technology, creating a more comfortable sleep surface that aligns your spine and adapts to you.
  2. Flex Comfort Foam. Mlily Flex Comfort Foam to further adapts to your body’s sleep needs, creating a more comfortable, supportive feel.
  3. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have Memory Foam – it’s another to carefully layer in Pocket Springs which form the core of many of Mlily’s mattress range.
  4. Flex Support Border. The Flex Support Border is built in to provide corner to corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weightFlex Support Border. The Flex Support Border is built in to provide corner to corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weight.
  5. Flex Support Foam. Mlily add a base layer of their custom Flex Support Foam to many products to provide you with that extra level of support and to help you recover quickly and sleep more completely.
A better sleep means a better life

Pocket Gel Series

Mlily's Pocket Memory Series is divided into two lines: the Memory 1000 and the Memory Ortho. Both mattresses utilise their Pocket Spring design to combine the comfort of Memory Foam with the added layer of Spring Support. It’s their basic set of Spring-Foam mattresses, built to deliver the same quality night’s sleep you’ would expect from Mlily.

Harmony Pocket Gel Series

Mlily's signature Harmony series is aptly named to bring you a new degree of balance and support. From top to bottom, their Harmony mattress line is vertically synched to deliver a natural state of sleeping harmony. Their Mlily Cooling Gel is layered into all Harmony mattresses, keeping you cooler whilst improving the circulation of oxygen and blood in your body.

Premier Hybrid Series

Mlily's sleep scientists have crafted a series that is built for performance. Specially engineered for the elite athletes of Manchester United, their Premier Collection introduces the benefits of Hybrid Technology to everyone. What started as the Dream+ mattress has transformed into an entire collection dedicated towards helping you get the deep, regenerative sleep you need to achieve your goals.